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October 20 - 21, 2023 | Minneapolis Hilton

Leslie Morse, DO
Co-PD, MN Regional SCIMS, Professor with Tenure

Innovative Clinical Trial Designs

The problem: Accelerating translation of emerging technologies to clinical implementation
The plan of attack: Innovating clinical trial design to ensure study goals are met
The results and what they might mean for a person living with paralysis: Equitable access to safe, effective, affordable technologies that improve function or mitigate secondary complications after SCI

Clinical trial design and implementation stand at the cross-roads between emerging technologies and the effective clinical translation of these technologies. Given the relatively low incidence and prevalence of SCI nationally and the siloed nature of research in general, rapid translation of effective therapies depends upon novel and innovative approaches to conducting feasibility and efficacy trials. This session will explore effective strategies to meet study enrollment and retention goals, including implementation of virtual consenting, study oversite, and data collection allowing national recruitment and remote participation. We will also review innovative trial designs, including platform trials, the development of national research registries, and innovative collaborative partnerships, including with the
Association of Neuro Activity Based Professionals.

Dr. Leslie Morse, DO, is the inaugural Co-Project Director of the recently funded Minnesota Regional Spinal Cord Injury Model System. She is Professor with Tenure in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at University of Minnesota Medical School. Her research, as well as her clinical focus, is the care of individuals with SCI, with a long-term goal of developing mechanism-based therapies to prevent and treat secondary health complications after injury. To that end, she is conducting a randomized, placebo-controlled drug trial to test a novel treatment for SCI-related neuropathic pain (Morse Co-PD, NIDILRR). Dr. Morse completed her medical training at the University of New England and her residency in PM&R at Boston Medical Center. Author of more than 100 publications, she has received several national awards and presented her work nationally and internationally.

Research interests: spinal cord injury and osteoporosis, neuropathic pain, therapies for bone health in SCI, health benefits of exercise in SCI, biomarkers of neurological recovery