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Lab Rats

Placing SCI Community Members into SCI Research Labs

Share Your Knowledge

U2FP is helping to place individuals with a spinal cord injury into SCI research labs to act as expert consultants.
We call this initiative, Lab Rats.

Having an individual with an SCI embedded with a research team is tremendously valuable for all parties involved. It keeps the lab focused on the practical implications of its goals, allowing researchers ongoing access to someone whose experience with spinal cord injury isn't confined to abstract knowledge. Alternately, it introduces the person with lived experience of the injury to the complex challenges facing researchers. This dynamic relationship allows both parties to more deeply confront the challenges and nuances of delivering restorative treatments for this difficult injury.

How It Works

  • Interested SCI Researchers or Community members apply by completing our intake form (link below)
  • Applicants are interviewed by Matthew Rodreick (U2FP's Executive Director)
  • SCI Researchers or Community members are notified of their placement status soon after their interview


Hear the Impact

Listen to researchers Murray Blackmore (Marquette University) and Michael Lane (Drexel University) talk about the impact their SCI Consultants Nancy Nicholas (Marquette) and Jake Chalfin (Drexel) are making in their labs.

More Questions?

Have more questions before filling out the intake form? Email