Cure Advocacy Network

Our national strategy to create a movement of SCI community activists

We all know change starts at home. And actually, it’s already started. 

Legislative Advocacy
With almost $8M in legislative funding as a result of lobbying efforts by CAN Activists from within the SCI Community - the tide is turning. We’re making our voices heard, and demanding to have a say in the research efforts that will affect us. We’ve passed Bills in Minnesota and Washington states, and now have groups of committed activists in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Wisconsin eager to follow suit

Minnesota CAN Advocates - Connect

  • Accomplishments. In 2010, Matthew Rodreick - inspired by the Working 2 Walk Science and Advocacy Symposium - initiated an effort to fund SCI Research in Minnesota. He solicited support from state politicians and invited the local SCI community to join the effort. Together, with engaged advocates they formed the Get Up Stand Up 2 Cure Paralysis Foundation and passed legislation in 2015 allocating $1 million. A little over a year later, they advocated and added another $6 million to that amount. Matthew continued as Executive Director of GUSU until 2017. Minnesota’s success and continuing engagement has become a template for what U2FP is developing in other states.  

Washington CAN Advocates - Connect

  • Accomplishments. Kate Willette and Bruce Hanson led the effort in Washington to pass the $800,000 appropriation to University of Washington’s Center for Sensori-Neuromotor Engineering in the spring of 2017. They continue to participate as community members on the advisory panel for grants. 

Pennsylvania CAN Advocates - Connect

  • Accomplishments. Advocates across Pennsylvania began strategizing, organizing and meeting with legislators in late 2016. They had a Bill introduced in 2017 and are still working to gain traction with legislators and build a larger coalition of support. 

Ohio CAN Advocates - Connect

  • Accomplishments. The Ohio group is our most recent, and once again SCI advocates have met and are planning to introduce a SCi Research Bill in 2018.

Wisconsin CAN Advocates - Connect

  • Accomplishments. Wisconsin advocates have been meeting and strategizing and are currently seeking a legislative sponsor for our Research Funding Bill.

If you want to join this burgeoning movement but your state isn't listed above - contact Matthew Rodreick today.

And everyone can invest in this movement by becoming a monthly donor. Fuel The Journey - we’ve got a lot of ground to cover and we can’t do it without you.



Creative Advocacy

The Cure Map
The Cure Map film project started by Kelsey Peterson and Madeline Brown represents a model of advocacy using creative tools to educate, unite and call our community to action. The film is slated to be released in 2019 and will ask viewers to join our movement.