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There’s more to Global Hug Your Kids Day than just giving your kiddos a hug or two. If you want to celebrate today, here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Setting goals is simple. We’ve all heard different phrases, acronyms and ways to properly set a goal for life. However, accomplishing goals can be a whole different task.

Dr. Aharon Lev-Tov, Chair of Medical Neurobiology, discusses his department, research into spinal cord injury, and Canadian collaborations.

T. George Hornby
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Illinois at Chicago

Click Here to watch the video over on Christal's Medium page.

Read about the objective to investigate the efficacy of spinal cord epidural stimulation (scES) as a promising therapy to improve bladder control after SCI.

Scientists say they have taken a significant step towards the goal of giving paralysed people control of their hands again.

Jan-Eric Ahlfors, CEO and CSO of Fortuna, presented at the Fourth International Vatican Conference “Unite to Cure”.

Marquette University professor Murray Blackmore was awarded a $1.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to continue his research of spinal cord injury and paralysis.

Great news from the filmmakers of the Cure Map documentary & and progress on the front-lines of our fight for research funding through the Pennsylvania Legislature.

See all the great ways we're building capacity with our Cure Advocacy Network initiative.

Dr. Ida Fox talks “Improving Upper Extremity Function in Cervical SCI” in her Working 2 Walk video from last October; while Dr. David Magnuson discusses Matthew & Kate on U2FP's CureCast podcast.

Our remembrance of Dr. Jean de Vellis (1935-2018)

Two worlds come together in this personal reflection about what it will take to cure paralysis.

We’ve just released Megan Moynahan’s video from this past year’s Working 2 Walk in Miami. We also have a new podcast interview up with the creators of the documentary film, The Cure Map. Check it out!