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Team U2FP

Race to accelerate cures for Spinal Cord Injury!

Help U2FP advance curative interventions for those of us with an SCI!

Join Team U2FP by signing up for one of our races below. Bring funds and awareness to the SCI movement for cures by sharing your training progress and asking your friends and family to donate to your race efforts. Every dollar raised supports U2FP's initiatives, empowering the SCI Community to achieve functional recovery from paralysis.

Our Races

Your Impact

Did you know that states typically spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year on individuals with a spinal cord injury? While those dollars are crucial for the care and services that our community needs, none of that money goes to funding curative therapies.

That’s why U2FP started our Cure Advocacy Network (CAN). We train and mobilize the SCI Community to advocate for legislation that funds functional recovery research in their states. And our Team U2FP racers are one of the primary sources for funding this important work. Why? Because it is nearly impossible to get grant funding for legislative advocacy, since it’s technically considered political lobbying.

Over the last seven years, CAN has passed SCI Research Grant bills in four states (Minnesota, Washington, Pennsylvania and Ohio) totaling over $26M. More important than the amount is how we design the funding process, writing legislation that:

  • requires people who live with the injury to help decide what research gets funded

  • caps indirect costs at 8% (ie no bloated, non-research admin costs)

  • keeps all the funds in-state

And we've had some pretty promising results. Take a look at this video from one of our funded projects in Minnesota, the Estand trial:

About Team U2FP

  • About Team U2FP

    Team U2FP credits its beginnings to Geoff Kent and his organization, Spinal Cord Injury Sucks (SCIS). Geoff started over a decade ago with a handful of runners in the Chicago Marathon, and his team grew rapidly, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for spinal cord injury research over a few years.

    In 2015, Geoff asked Unite 2 Fight Paralysis to take charge of the charity team and continue to foster its growth. Team U2FP is a group of athletes at all skill levels who participate in a number of events throughout the year and bring awareness to the SCI-led movement for curative therapies!

    To learn more about upcoming events or how you can join us, email: