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NervGen & Dr. Jerry Silver
NervGen & Dr. Jerry Silver

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jerry Silver and Dr. Bradley Lang from Case Western Reserve University and the team at NervGen (https://www.nervgenpharma.com/) for the steps taken to bring a potential treatment forward for chronic Spinal Cord Injury, as well as other injuries
and disorders.

U2FP’s Scientific Advisory Board has assisted foundations who wish to fund promising and relevant research for the last several years. Thanks to Donna Sullivan’s leadership as our Special Projects Director, our Scientific Advisory Board reviewers, and the other key organizations that U2FP has collaborated with in the funding of Dr. Silver’s work:

• The Hong Kong SCI Fund
• SCISucks
• The United Paralysis Foundation.

As difficult as it is for the scientific enterprise to find discoveries such as this, it may
be equally difficult to navigate the obstacles and challenges inherent to bringing
those discoveries to a relevant treatment for SCI. So, we will continue to keep you
abreast of that progress and continue to look for ways that our community can help.

W2W Agenda is Up | CureCast Interview with Dr. Andrei Krossioukov
W2W Agenda is Up | CureCast Interview with Dr. Andrei Krossioukov

This year’s Working 2 Walk Science & Advocacy Symposium continues to take shape. We’ve just posted the first iteration of our Agenda so you can see what’s happening and when. Please know that we’ll continue to update the Agenda in the coming weeks as the presentation titles are finalized.

And as part of our on-going effort to introduce you to our top-tier list of speakers this year, we’re continuing to feature CureCast interviews with scientists and advocates who will present at Working 2 Walk this fall. Check out our latest conversation with Dr. Andrei Krossioukov, who talks about the potential that spinal stimulation holds for autonomic funtions for chronic spinal cord injury: bowel, bladder, seal function, blood pressure regulation. Check it out — then drop your thoughts to us at curecast@u2fp.org

The Rick Hansen Institute is a Vancouver-based not-for-profit organization that drives innovation in spinal cord injury research and care. Learn More

Our publicity efforts, web traffic, and social media conversations will increase steadily in the next couple of months; be a part of the buzz as an official Working 2 Walk Sponsor. Join the Rick Hansen Institute and our other valued sponsors of this year's Symposium. Sponsor the Symposium

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Even though we may be years away from a robust stem cell treatment coming to the market for spinal cord injury, the lab work continues to progress and show great promise.  What we don’t know is; which stem cell will … Continue reading