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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis exists to unite and empower the international spinal cord injury community to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Get Educated and Get Involved.

Our Voice

The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation is pleased to announce its Psychosocial Research (PSR) funding opportunity, opening February 12, 2020. Eligible organizations interested in research to address psychological and social factors that affect health, functioning and quality of life for people living with SCI are encouraged to apply.

A research proposal by the EndParalysis organization to continue a project at the Cleveland Clinic has been approved by U2FP’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) after initially getting a lukewarm review.

Kate, Matthew and Jason Stoffer (our new podcast host) have a conversation with Dr. Stephen Strittmatter, The Vincent Coates Professor of Neurology and Professor of Neuroscience at Yale School of Medicine. His discoveries over the last two decades of research led to the founding of ReNetX, who are applying that technology to discover if neurons can regrow in the chronic injury (in humans) by eliminating inhibitory growth factors.

You've helped Unite 2 Fight Paralysis accomplish so much this past year. From passing $3M of smart SCI Research funding in Ohio, to adding livestreaming to this year's Working 2 Walk Symposium, to the post-production development of the SUBMERGED Film Project (aka The Cure Map).