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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis exists to unite and empower the international spinal cord injury community to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Get Educated and Get Involved.

Our Voice

My first experiences with learning how to live with spinal cord injury became deeply connected with Colorado. I attended a monthly science meeting that educated us on the most current research and the trajectory of a fix. It was at that monthly science meeting that I heard this statement: “Everyone recovers some, but no one recovers fully.” That statement kept echoing in my head. There had to be something.

The maple syrup-making process has been reminding me of our Cure Advocacy Network. We have been patiently tapping legislative opportunities in Texas and Wisconsin. And there are finally some signs of sweetness in each of these states.

Time is running out to join Team U2FP for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon! The registration deadline is just a week away: Next Friday, April 23rd. We’ve also just opened another Team U2FP race event - the Medtronic Twin Cities in Motion Marathon & 10-mile races! Sign up to run or wheel at any of these events with Team U2FP.

We have really great news coming out of the Minnesota legislature folks! Earlier this week, the Democratic led House Higher Education Finance Committee, and the Republican led Senate Higher Education Finance Committee released their budgets for the upcoming biennium, and both budgets are keeping the Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Grant Program intact! On top of that, our friend in the Senate, Chair of the Higher Ed Finance Committee, Sen. David Tomassoni, even included ...