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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis exists to unite and empower the international spinal cord injury community to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Get Educated and Get Involved.

Our Voice

This is it - the last day to register for the Working 2 Walk Virtual Symposium (Thursday, October 22nd - Saturday, October 24th). We still have deep discounts available (75%!) for Individuals with an SCI, their families and caregivers.

Working 2 Walk starts this week (!) on Thursday, October 22nd and runs through Saturday, October 24th. Registration closes tomorrow night, so don't wait - register now! Over the last couple months, we've been sending out summaries of the various stakeholder groups we'll be featuring at the Symposium. In case you missed any of them, here they are:

- Pre-Clinical Research: broadly defined as research done in laboratory experiments and animal models
- Clinical Research: research performed with humans
- Industry: companies that are trying to bring a research discovery to a clinical product
- Funder: agencies or foundations that fund research of all kinds
- SCI Advocacy: SCI foundations/nonprofit organizations working to influence all the above stakeholders

How things get made. There’s a whole slew of books, podcasts, YouTube channels and - if your social media feeds are anything like mine - lots and lots of short videos showing how all sorts of things are created from Twinkies to robots. Well, the next session highlight is a little bit like this, albeit more complicated: Industry

Stem cells are on the California ballot. Again. Sixteen years ago, voters overwhelmingly supported Proposition 71, which created the $3 billion California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). The agency has spent just about all the money, and they’re asking for more, Proposition 14, this time for $5.5 billion. If they don’t get it they will either disband or adapt, perhaps as a nonprofit of some sort.