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Unite 2 Fight Paralysis exists to unite and empower the international spinal cord injury community to cure paralysis through advocacy, education, and support for research. Get Educated and Get Involved.

Our Voice

A few days ago U2FP put out a call out to our community to identify unused or previously used ventilators that could be brought back into circulation, given the shortages across the country due to COIVD-19. One of the first responders was Jessical Fredette, a woman living in St. Paul MN (who happens to be a wonderful photographer) who had 2 ventilators in good working order and no longer needed them. She was willing to donate them provided they could be put to use.

I thought I’d share some much-needed GOOD news during this crazy time. Back in July, SUBMERGED was 1 of over 300 films to apply for funding by ITVS Open Call. In November, I received an unforgettable phone call: SUBMERGED was 1 of only 7 films green-lit for funding! (Only 2%!). And now, having just received my contract in the mail this week, it’s finally official: we have been awarded funding!!

So many in our SCI community have had plenty of experience with this so-called ‘social distance’ (I prefer the phrase ‘physical distancing’) over the course of the injury. It’s a kind of twisted rite of passage that has both caused significant pain and significant strength. Of course, as a family member my ‘physical distancing’ was differently short-lived and far less comprehensive than my son’s. But most of you in a weird irony have already lived through the fear, anxiety, pain and loneliness that comes in tow. And some of you live with it still.

Jason and Matthew interview Conquer Paralysis Now founder, Sam Schmidt (see his bio below). We discuss Sam’s history as a race car driver, his injury, the genesis for the foundation and his recent project Driven, an Activity Based Fitness center in Las Vegas Nevada.