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October 20 - 21, 2023 | Minneapolis Hilton

Nekey Oliver, MEd
Director of Government Relations and Community Engagement

SCI/TBI Minnesota Research Grant Program Update

Nekey will discuss the perspective of her agency, the Minnesota Office of Higher Education (OHE), regarding the Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury competitive grant program's history. She will delve into how OHE's perspective has shaped the program, fostering collaboration and innovation in the field. Nekey will provide insights from a state program perspective, highlighting milestones achieved through this grant program. By examining MOHE's perspective and the program's history, Nekey will elucidate the valuable contributions made to Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury research. Attendees can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of OHE's role and long-standing commitment to advancing research in these areas, as well as the significant milestones reached within the grant program.

With over a decade of experience, Nekey Oliver is the youngest director at the Minnesota Office of Higher Education, where she serves as an integral part of the senior leadership team. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Master's degree in education specializing in Youth Development Leadership, Nekey brings a solid educational background that emphasizes addressing social inequalities. Her primary focus lies in government relations and community engagement, collaborating closely with the Commissioner to establish meaningful partnerships and positive relationships with government entities and community organizations. Nekey's unique insights and expertise contribute to strategic decision-making and prioritize the needs and concerns of underrepresented individuals and communities in higher education. In addition to her role in government relations, Nekey played a pivotal role in overseeing the agency's grants department, managing a range of grants, including competitive grants like spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury research. With an unwavering commitment, Nekey strives to create an inclusive and equitable higher education system, ensuring the success of all students. Her combination of educational training and practical experience makes her a highly valuable asset, particularly in the field of spinal cord injury research.