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Move Me


The Film

At 27, Kelsey Peterson dove into Lake Superior, off the shores of Wisconsin, and emerged paralyzed. Now, the former dancer struggles to redefine who she is while adapting to life with a disability. At the intersection of acceptance and hope, Kelsey unexpectedly finds herself facing an opportunity to dance again, showing her a new path toward acceptance, all the while grappling with a decision to participate in a cutting-edge clinical trial that could bring her much-desired change — forcing her to evaluate the possibilities of her recovery, body and spirit.

In Move Me, a first-time filmmaker with a disability simultaneously takes the reins behind the scenes, while revealing her inner revolution through raw storytelling onscreen.

The U2FP Connection

Back in 2015, when Kelsey had joined Matthew Rodreick (now the Executive Director of U2FP) in his successful effort to pass $5M in SCI Research funding at the Minnesota state legislature (what would become U2FP's Cure Advocacy Network), she had an itch to take the movement to cure paralysis in a more personal and artistic direction.

Steady support from Matthew and U2FP helped get her started and keep her going. As the story evolved, Kelsey worked hard to shape what would become a very personal film that remained honest and impactful.

U2FP partnered with Kelsey as the sole fiscal agent for the film's production fundraising efforts. 3 years later, Kelsey's hard work paid off with exclusive funding from ITVS Open Call to fund post-production and finish her documentary. Move Me hit the film festival circuit in the Spring of 2022, and premiered on PBS November 7, 2022.

The People