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Pennsylvania SB31 - The Time is Now

More good news out of Pennsylvania. Our Bill (Senate Bill #31) is scheduled for a vote in the Appropriations Committee on Wednesday September 26th. We’ve been told it has broad support throughout the committee and in the legislature - thanks to the great work of our C.A.N. advocates in Pennsylvania. We need the legislators to vote the Bill into the budget WITH an appropriation that will have an impact on the science. We're in the 4th quarter, the 9th inning, the 3rd period (choose your sports metaphor) - now's the time to keep reminding our lawmakers why this Bill is so important. So I'm asking each of you again to make some calls for us. Remember - you don't have to live in Pennsylvania to call and express your support.

I know I’ve said it before, but I need to say it again: these state efforts are not driven by the money as much as they are driven by our efforts to bring the SCI community to the decision making table. I truly believe that we represent the ‘mechanic’ who can see clearly the parts of the research engine that need tweaking. But in order to do that we need to get our tools out and get our hands dirty.

And there's no greater tool for this work right now than your phone. So get it out and make some calls for our advocates - no matter what state you live in:

Senators & Representatives:

  • Sen. Corman: 717-787-1377
  • Sen. Scavello: 717-787-6123
  • Sen. Browne: 717-787-1349
  • Sen. Scarnati: 717-787-7084
  • Sen. Baker: 717-787-7428
  • Rep. Hahn: 717-783-8573
  • Rep. Charlton: 717-787-1248

Join us!