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Working 2 Walk 2018 - Thank You!

I can't say it enough - Thank You!

I'm incredibly grateful to:

  • Our Sponsors. And especially our Title Sponsor, The Rick Hansen Institute - for helping to underwrite this year's Symposium and providing much needed resources to make Working 2 Walk accessible and affordable to the SCI Community.
  • Our Presenters. Each of our scientific and advocacy speakers brought a unique perspective to the table, which in turn fueled our table discussions and broadened our ideas of what is possible when the Stakeholders convene with the SCI Community.
  • Our Volunteers. Thank you to our volunteers for helping to make this year's symposium a success. We could not have pulled off this year's ambitious agenda without you.
  • Our Community. Every person who registered and represented the SCI Community - either as a Person with Lived Experience of SCI (PLEX) or a Family member with Lived Experience of SCI (FLEX) - brought a critical perspective to the table.

And a thank you to all our attendees for the willingness to tell your story. Remember, we're going to send you a record of the Table Discussions that you contributed to. But in the meantime, please share with us any reflections you had and didn't get a chance to share; or even those that have come to you in the aftermath of the conference. Just start typing and send us your thoughts ( Your thoughts, feelings - and especially your stories - are what fuel this journey we're on together.

PS - As always, don't forget to Fuel The Journey. We've got a lot of ground to cover, and we can't do it without you!