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We did it!

We did it! Last Wednesday, October 17th, at approximately 8:45pm EST the $1,000,000 Pennsylvania Spinal Cord Injury Research Bill (SB31/HB385) went to the floor of the PA House for a final vote and PASSED into Law!

You did this - every one of you. You made the calls, sent the emails, shared our campaign with your friends and family, walked and rolled on the Capital in Harrisburg, and never stopped working for this to happen. Thanks to all of you for supporting our Cure Advocacy Network Initiative in Pennsylvania.

And a Very Special Thanks to our CAN Advocates: Jake and Kate Chalfin, Melissa Pitts, Joni Mitchell and Mike Pellicano. You kept at it and kept the pressure on when it was critical.

You did this, Rep. Alex Charlton - thank you!

You did this, Yuka Hirose - thank you!

You did this, Sen. Mario Scavello - thank you!

You did this, Elizabeth Dierdorf - thank you!

You did this, Allie Leatherman - thank you!

You did this, Jane Otto - thank you!

Special Thanks to Barry Munro and CSRO for supporting my travel expenses this past year. Our coordination efforts would've been made much more difficult without your help.

You did this, all of you. Those of you we never heard from but who made calls, sent emails and shared your stories with your friends and family on our Community's behalf - thank you!

Together, we're making progress towards a smarter research economy. We will keep you posted on the work ahead of us (e.g. the formation of the advisory board, the process for funding the PA research, and how it all unfolds).  We need to stay focused and remember that passing the Bill is the first step.

Now we turn our attention back to Ohio and Wisconsin. Let’s keep our momentum going.

Thank You!

Matthew Rodreick, Executive Director

PS - Don't forget to Fuel The Journey by becoming a monthly donor. We've got a lot of ground to cover, and we can't do it without you!