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Ohio CAN at the Capital this week

Pictured: Allie Leatherman, James Leatherman, Pete Nowell, Jeni Belt, David Casares, Jeremy Bigelow, Donna Sullivan, Sara Recny
Not Pictured: Ian Burkhart

Our Cure Advocacy Network is working hard right now - we've been at the Capital in Ohio this week, meeting with legislators Tuesday and yesterday, and have another round of meetings today. By the end of the day, we will have had over 30 meetings with legislators, and we may have found our Bill’s author.

We're making headway, but we're going to need your support. Like and follow our Facebook page if you haven't already, so that you can contact key senators and representatives here in Ohio when the time comes.

And consider making a donation - we want to keep this movement strong and growing throughout the year.

Join us!

Matthew Rodreick, Executive Director