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$3M for SCI Research Just Passed in Ohio

Thanks to your support, and the passion and persistence of our Cure Advocacy Network (CAN) advocates in Ohio we’re happy to announce that we have won another legislative victory!

We just passed a $3 million earmark for Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) research in Ohio’s higher education budget. Thanks to the support of our champion, Chancellor of Higher Education Randy Gardner (email him here to say thank you!) and his connection to our advocates in Toledo, we have created another opportunity for our community to weigh in on what we fund and to what end.

Our Ohio CAN advocates will be meeting with Chancellor Gardner in the coming weeks to work out the details and establish an advisory board - one of the critical pieces we pursue in these efforts.

Please celebrate this victory with us, knowing that the work does not stop. This victory should only give us more momentum as we Fuel the Journey towards Cures for paralysis.

Consider the wheels we now have in motion in this movement you’ve helped to build:

  • $10M legislation just introduced two weeks ago in Wisconsin by Rep. Jimmy Anderson and our WI CAN advocates
  • Our CAN advocates in Pennsylvania have begun the process for funding the $1 million we passed there last fall.
  • $7M in legislative funding (to date) in Minnesota
  • And now another $3M in SCI research funding in Ohio!

No one is funding this work but you. We are building a movement that brings those who research the injury together with those who live with it. We believe this is a critical piece of answering the question, how do we get where all of us want to go.

Thank you for supporting this work. And a special thanks to Allie, Jeni, Donna, Peter, Ian, Jeremy, David, James and Sara for the trips to the Ohio capitol and telling their stories to legislators who, until now, had never heard us before. We're grateful that they listened, but we need more of you to raise your voice.

Join Us!

Matthew Rodreick, Executive Director

PS - Help us keep these victories rolling - become a monthly donor today and help us Fuel the Journey towards Cures for paralysis!