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Congratulate 2019 Runners/Wheelers by Donating, 2020 Sign-ups, and more - Team U2FP

Though the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2019 & Twin Cities in Motion Marathon and 10-mile races are behind us, it's not too late to celebrate Team U2FP's accomplishment by donating to their extraordinary campaigns (Chicago Racers & Twin Cities Racers). They ran and wheeled 26.2 miles for SCI research! Missed your chance to join Team U2FP this year? Don't worry - we'll be following up soon with details on how to sign up to race for Team U2FP in the coming year.

We're always looking for creative ways to connect athletes with the SCI community.

As always, October was a great month to see Team U2FP hit the streets for fundraising and SCI awareness. Additionally, we were able to:

  • add a few new participants this year
  • keep in daily contact with Team U2FP runners and wheelers leading up to the race with encouraging and exciting words
  • made a "Top 10 List of Fundraising Ideas" that are easy to do
  • updated the T-shirt design and had  shirts printed for the runners/wheelers.

With everything in place on race day, we were given VIP passes to the finish line (I know people) complete with tons of food, drink, and finishers!

Mary McMenamy, Team U2FP Director