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Take Advantage of New Charitable Tax Deduction on Giving Tuesday Now!

You may have heard about the upcoming online event - #GivingTuesdayNow - meant to support nonprofits in these tough economic times. 

But did you know that the recent stimulus bill passed by Congress to address the economic impact of Covid-19 added a tax break to incentivize charitable contributions? 

A new above-the-line charitable deduction was included in the bill which allows taxpayers, who file using the standard deduction, to also deduct up to $300 in cash contributions made to nonprofit charities.

Here’s a recent Forbes article with more details and context.

So, if you are able, save some money on your taxes AND do something great for the SCI Community!

Make a contribution for the upcoming #GivingTuesdayNow event (Tuesday, May 5th), consider joining Unite 2 Fight Paralysis as a Fuel the Journey monthly donor or a make one-time donation.

Join us!

P.S. We encourage all of you in our SCI Community (and beyond) to join the effort to help us bring previous used ventilators back into circulation. It's just another way that U2FP is helping to connect and unite the SCI Community with those in the medical and scientific communities.