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Keep Calling to Save SCI/TBI Research Funding in Minnesota

We are continuing to press our case for the critical value of the Minnesota SCI/TBI Research Grant Program.

We're meeting with legislators, organizing advocates, talking to the media, sending messages and making phone calls.

Please join the effort (no matter where you live) by sending Governor Walz a message or calling his office now. Simply share the following:

  1. Tell him your story
  2. Why we must keep investing in this critical research and
  3. How important it is to have the SCI/TBI community at the decision-making table
  4. Then call Rep. Connie Bernardy's office and relay the same message

Please call now. Let’s keep up the momentum and preserve this crucial funding for our community!

PS - After you send your message to the Governor and Rep. Bernardy, please take a moment to tweak your message and send it to Wisconsin Rep. Robert Wittke (608-266-0731, Rep. Wittke was supportive of our efforts in our recent meeting with him, but told us we still have a long way to go. Take a moment to call or email his office and thank him for his support in Wisconsin.