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Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

Humans are sexual creatures, there is no doubt about it.  For many, sexuality is a major life driver and a source of well-being. In poll after poll within the SCI community, regaining sexual function persists in the top of the “wish list”. Yet, outside of fertility and “genitourinary health”, sexual function is given a cold shoulder in SCI research.  

This is why we launched our Curecast series on sex (we've dubbed it the 'SexCast'), so that sexual function can be our driving theme. In case you missed it, check out our first conversation in this series here

We’ll be exploring the topic of sexuality - post SCI - with a panel of folks living with the injury and figuring out sex anew. We will discuss what sexuality meant to us before our injuries and how we have adapted to this change in our bodies.

You will hear our stories of exploration and trying new things. We will talk about the importance of feeling desirable and confident. You’ll also hear us complain about the loss of our previous physicality and feeling; that may be the most important part. These conversations will be frank and sincere, as that is the only way we are going to relay what we need to researchers in this space.

In an effort to capture the full spectrum of experience, we will also talk to the partners of those living with SCI. We’ll explore topics such as:

  • What are the relationship challenges and joys they encounter? 
  • What are their hopes for their partners?  
  • What is the perspective of a partner who started their relationship after the injury versus a partner who has adapted together through the injury? 

Lastly, we will talk with the research and clinical community, bringing questions to the table gleaned from previous interviews. We hope this conversation will bring some needed change and awareness to the issue of sexual function. This is going to be a great series, and we hope you join us for the exploration.