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Bringing It All Back Home

Note: you may have received a version of this message in the mail last week.

I’ve had the Bob Dylan song, “Love Minus Zero/No Limit,” running through my mind again lately. Music heads and old heads will know it. The last two lines of the second verse always stick with me:

‘...there’s no success like failure / And failure’s no success at all.’

Personally, I’ve always tried to apply these lines to my life. They remind me not to be afraid to fail and to always keep myself open to what can be learned from every action. 

Professionally, I’m reminded of them every day as we at U2FP continue to be dissatisfied with the pace of discovery and the lack of curative treatments available to our SCI Community.

And yet, we continue to work harder than ever. 

We expanded our staff and board this year to continue our growing influence on the research economy; both in the short-term (think Onward’s Arc Therapy technology featured at this year’s Symposium) and over the long-term (helping top SCI researchers to collaborate and align their work, across disciplines, within our Translational & Neuromodulation Workgroups).

Most importantly, we know that we can’t do this work alone. We need you! I invite you to join U2FP in our shared work of expediting cures in two ways:

  1. Make a year-end donation to U2FP and/or become a monthly donor. Your generous gifts and monthly donations have provided us the leverage needed to secure nearly $20M for the cure research effort in multiple states. That’s a solid return on investment. Simultaneously, U2FP has also revolutionized the decision-making process in how these dollars get allocated. We bring the SCI community onto advisory boards and into labs to help decide what treatments are pursued and how they are funded. 
  2. Tell your friends, family & colleagues about our work. We need your help to bring our SCI Community deeper into this movement, so we can find out what’s possible beyond the intersection of our successes and failures.

Join us!