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2021 Symposium Videos Now Available

We've just made public all three days of this year's 16th Annual Science & Advocacy Symposium! 

This means that even if you couldn’t attend this year’s gathering of the SCI and Scientific Communities, you can now view it all in the Video Library section of our website.

Watch Now!

This year’s symposium was divided into six key sessions, broken out over three days of presentations and interactive discussion panels.

You’ll also find detailed agenda information accompanying each video segment. We've provided links to our speaker lineup, symposium agenda, and full-color conference program, which includes speaker abstracts, bios and other content designed to help you contextualize the presentations.

We at U2FP are proud to make these videos available to the public for free. We also provide free access to all of our past symposiums, which total over 50 hours of presentations from a decade of recorded talks (you can scroll down on our Video Library page to access these).

This on-going service is made possible by the generous support of our donors and symposium sponsors.

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If you value these and other resources U2FP makes available to the SCI and Scientific Communities, consider making a year-end donation in support of our work.

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PS - You may have seen the news that Onward, a major sponsor of this year's Symposium, recently reached full enrollment of 65 participants in their spinal cord stimulation study called Up-LIFT, which targets hand and arm function in people with cervical spinal cord injuries. You can watch their presentation and our subsequent panel discussion in the Day 3 video here.