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Our Investment in U2FP

On behalf of the Board of Directors here at Unite 2 Fight Paralysis, I hope you and your family are enjoying this holiday season. Like many of you, we are looking forward to a new year that is healthier, happier and sees continued progress towards curative therapies for those of us with an SCI.  

U2FP’s Board believes strongly in the work our team is doing in the cure space. We have planned for and overseen a period of growth that we continue to be excited about. Our desire is to see U2FP broaden and deepen its innovative work to have a greater impact for individuals, like myself and many of my board colleagues, who live with an SCI.

Which is why our Board has collectively given $32,000 this month towards U2FP’s year-end campaign! We are proud to give our time, talent and treasure to this important movement, led by those of us in the SCI Community.

In this last week of 2021, we’d like to challenge those of you who have yet to give, to help us double this amount. 

Make a Year-End Gift

Yes, $32,000 is a lot, but we know many of you are already planning to give in this last week - and we wanted to motivate those of you who might be on the fence.

We’re putting our money where our mouth is because we believe in the innovative work U2FP is doing, such as:

  • Cure Advocacy Network. We’ve added almost $20M to the cure effort in multiple states WHILE transforming the process so that the SCI community helps decide what research gets funded.
  • U2FP’s Annual Symposium. We make sure the SCI Community runs this show. We contextualize the latest breakthroughs alongside the scientists who present them. And then you drive the discussion.
  • Education. Our CureCast podcast and newsletters keep you informed, providing critical engagement with the science (think our Headline Patrol series) and emotional resonance with the lived experience (think Sixteen Years). 
  • SCI Consultants. We’ve begun matching individuals with an SCI into top SCI research labs around the country. 
  • Workgroups. U2FP is helping to solve the problems of Translation, Neuromodulation and Activity Based Therapy by facilitating collaboration with the leading experts.

This is not a match. Our Board of Directors have already given the money. We see this as an investment. And we hope it will motivate you to give what you are able. Because we believe deeply in the work U2FP is doing.

Make a Year-End Gift

Wishing you a joyous time in this final week of 2021.

Happy New Year!