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Down to the Wire in Wisconsin - Call Today

The Wisconsin Cure Advocacy Network has come so far this session in our attempts to pass legislation for SCI research funding. And we are so close to reaching that goal!

This week is our last chance to get our bill heard in the Senate before the session ends on Thursday, March 10th.

Senator Patrick Testin is the legislator with the power to give our bill a hearing so that it can then be brought to a vote. Please call (more effective than email at this juncture) Sen. Testin today and urge him to give our bill (SB 1010) a hearing.

On Friday, I met with our WI CAN advocates, and one of them compared the legislative struggle of getting this bill passed to living her life with a spinal cord injury. She said: 

It is a constant struggle, every day, to live life with an SCI. Some days you make forward progress on your recovery, physical therapy, or pain management; and some days you may take a step back in any of those areas. But you must persist in living your life, through all of those ups and downs, because if you don't keep on persisting, you might as well just give up and die.

I also live with an SCI, and this resonated with me. It was a perfect rallying cry: we have to remind these legislators - who don’t understand the daily struggles of living with an SCI - the urgency of this bill. We are fighting for smarter, more efficient research funding to improve our quality of life.  

We have less than a week to get this bill a hearing.

  • Call Senator Testin today (no matter where you live)
  • Insist that he give our bill get a hearing before the session is over this week!
  • Ask him to schedule SB 1010 for public hearing in the Senate Committee on Health.

Let's raise our voice and get this Wisconsin Bill passed!