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Why Follow U2FP on Social Media?

(Above, Neurosurgeon Uzma Samadani, who spoke at U2FP's Annual Symposium this year)

I’m the content manager here at U2FP, and I wanted to drop a quick note to all of our newsletter subscribers about the importance of following us on our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Obviously, like all non-profits, we want to expose more people to our work. And social media is a great tool for this. But it’s deeper than that. 

We can tag you and amplify your work or achievements. Whether you are an SCI scientist or advocate, we want to share your accomplishments. When we are able to tag you, either in our own articles, or when we see you show up on other outlets, it will help increase your exposure. Of course, always feel free to tag us if what you’re doing aligns with our work.

We can do a better job listening to you. Our social media strategist, Jordan Bolton, spends a good chunk of his time listening to and interacting with people who show up on our feed. This means we’re hearing and seeing more of the needs and preferences that the SCI community is expressing. Social media is such a loud space it might seem odd to think that we’re using it to listen to you, but we are. When we see what you post, that helps us reflect those needs back to our subscribers - both here in our newsletter and of course on social media. It’s another way we try to fulfill our role as The Voice of the Cure.

The more followers we have, the more impact we can have for curative therapies. For example, right now we have a bill in the Wisconsin legislature we’ve been working towards for almost 5 years. More social media eyes on our posts means more calls and emails to legislators from the SCI and Scientific Communities that will lead to curative treatments.

So take a minute and Like or Follow us on the social media platform(s) you use. We won’t overwhelm your feed with posts, because we only post when we have something important to share, or when we want your feedback or need you to raise your voice for cures.

Join us!