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Wisconsin Speed Dial

The Wisconsin legislature’s regular session ended yesterday, March 10th. And while our $3M SCI Research Grant bill didn’t get voted on, it turns out we still have a shot!

This week, I received word from one of our cosponsors that there is still time for our bill’s assigned committees (Health in the Senate; Colleges/Universities in the Assembly) to schedule a hearing. This special, post-session period allows bills that were already in-progress when the session ended to move forward if they have support.

Right now, Sen. Patrick Testin (Chair of Health) and Rep. David Murphy (Chair of Colleges/Universities) hold the fate of the Wisconsin SCI Research Funding Program in their hands. 

These two men alone have the power to schedule a meeting for their respective committees, and to add our bill to the agenda for a public hearing.

This is coming down to the simple adage, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.” We need EVERYONE across the SCI community to call Testin and Murphy. This means researchers, students, clinicians, physical therapists - anyone who lives or works with this injury (no matter what state you live in!). 

Call both of these legislators and ask them to give our SCI bill a hearing. If you can manage it, please CALL EVERY DAY and:

  • Ask Sen. Testin to schedule a public hearing for SB 1010 in the Senate Committee on Health
  • Ask Rep. Murphy to schedule a public hearing for AB 873 and the Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities

This is the final stretch - let’s get our Wisconsin SCI bill over the finish line!

Join us!