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Do the Animals Matter?

images of a rat, some pigs, and a human form with nerve endings

How do scientists model a spinal cord injury in animals? And what does that mean for translating those discoveries into humans? This has been a conversation we’ve prioritized at past symposia, and we’re addressing it again this year at our 17th Annual Science & Advocacy Symposium (September 23 - 24, 2022, in Salt Lake City, Utah).

One of the focal points that will be discussed are animal characteristics - their age, gender and the significance of the animal species itself. This is a conversation that is increasingly finding its way into neuroscience to better bridge the gap between preclinical (animal) and clinical (human) studies. Could this be a factor in why so few preclinical findings are successful when applied to humans?

We’ll hear from three researchers who are exploring different angles of the animal question in their research: Cedric Geoffroy, Candace Floyd & John Gensel. Drs. Geoffroy & Gensel are focusing on age-related variables, while Dr. Floyd is using a porcine model (aka pigs) to achieve more translatable outcomes for humans. Come join the conversation - register now!

Take a few minutes to browse through this year’s Symposium Agenda, and get a feel for how our schedule of events is shaping up. We’ll continue to update it as we confirm more presentation specifics between now and conference time.

As always, you can find our all-star list of confirmed presenters here.

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