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What Stands in the Way, Becomes the Way

woman on a hand-cycle in the woods

Unite 2 Fight Paralysis is proud to have Quinn Brett presenting at our 17th Annual Science and Advocacy Symposium, September 23 and 24 in Salt Lake City, Utah (register here). Quinn is an advocate for recreational accessibility and curative interventions, as well as a member of U2FP's Board of Directors.

Last year, Quinn hand-cycled the US portion of the Tour Divide in 25 days. This is the world's longest off-pavement cycling route, extending from the Canadian Rockies to New Mexico. It's seriously gnarly: it's unmarked and circuits through remote backcountry. There's unpredictable weather and always the potential for grizzlies and mountain lions. It can be 100+ miles between food/water re-ups, and riders have to figure out shelter each night. Quinn couldn't get enough.

This past July, after the northern border reopened, Quinn decided to complete the Canadian portion. So she brought along U2FP's CAN Manager, CureCast host, and fellow outdoor enthusiast Jason Stoffer to ride the grueling 600-mile Divide Trail from Canada to Montana.

Quinn and Jason will share their Divide experience at U2FP’s Annual Symposium in Salt Lake City, September 23 and 24 (view Quinn's bio and abstract here). Come meet them and hear about their adventure hand-cycling, and how these dedicated road warriors have become critical advocates for the U2FP mission to speed the development of therapies for spinal cord injury.

You can check out our full speaker lineup here, and view our agenda here.