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Psilocybin & SCI: Thinking Outside the Box - CureCast Episode 70

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Jason and Matthew interview Jim Harris, a wilderness photographer who was injured in 2014. Jim was recently featured in Outside Magazine regarding his experience with psilocybin and its connection to some restored mobility. This conversation is a follow-up to our previous podcast with Dr. Jessica Nielson on the potential use of psilocybin after SCI. However, in this episode, we specifically focus on one of our community member's direct experience with exploring the use of psychedelics and his advocacy to decriminalize their use in Colorado. 

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Guest Bio
Before sustaining a spine injury at the end of 2014, Jim Harris made his living from hard days in the mountains. Following six years of teaching wilderness mountaineering courses, Jim began shooting photos, video, and writing for clients like National Geographic, Camp 4 Collective, Powder Magazine, and outdoor brands. His work reflects a deep firsthand expertise of wilderness travel and DIY adventure. Since being paralyzed, Jim has pushed towards a remarkable recovery and is finding fresh opportunities to be involved in adventure storytelling.

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