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Resolved to Win

camera man and two interview subjects talking

Above: WI CAN advocate Sam Troyer, being interviewed by WISN 12 anchor Patrick Paolantonio.


Our campaign to pass a $3M SCI Research Grant bill in the Wisconsin legislature is looking good. Several of our advocates were interviewed by Milwaukee local news outlet WISN 12 in Wisconsin last week (we’ll let you know when it airs). 

Additionally, we keep getting positive feedback from our legislative champions on the prospects for this bill. While Matthew and Jason were at the capitol in Madison last week, Rep. Paul Tittl - our co-sponsor in the WI Assembly - had this to say:


“During all my years in the legislature, it's the people who come with the best ideas, because they live with whatever needs changing. This bill is one of those ideas and I want to help pass it.”

Despite these good vibes, myself and the rest of our Wisconsin CAN advocates are taking nothing for granted. We continue to push for more and more legislators to publicly support this legislation.

Last week, Rep. Tittl drafted a budget resolution in support of our bill. This is another way for legislators to signal that they are behind our effort during the current budget negotiation. Rep. Tittl is asking his colleagues to sign it as an additional show of support that will strengthen our position while we await a recommendation from the Joint Finance Committee.

And that’s where you come in. Please contact these Wisconsin Representatives today, no matter what state or country you live in. However, if you do live in their district, be sure to mention that early in your message.

As always, I’ve included a generic template message below. This is simply to help you get started. But please, make it your own. Emphasize your story and why this matters to you.


Dear [Representative Name Here],

My name is ____  ______, and I [have a spinal cord injury / am family/friend of someone with a spinal cord injury]. 

Please sign Rep. Tittl’s budget resolution in support of our Spinal Cord Injury Research Grant Bill (AB19/SB27), and then tell your fellow legislators to do the same. This is a smart, efficient appropriation that is:

  • A Great Investment. WI SCI researchers have testified that seed money like this often yields an 5-to1 return on investment (ROI) with some researchers reporting up to a 10-to-1 ROI.
  • Extremely Popular. Right now, one third of the entire legislature has already signed on in support of this bill
  • Very Affordable. $3M is a drop in the bucket when you consider that last year’s state budget was over $62 Billion (with a “B”) dollars. 

This money will get SCI research out of the lab and into people like [me/my family/friend]. We desperately need this legislation to be included in the governor's budget this session. Our community can’t wait!

We are nearing the finish line. All our voices in the SCI community will be a key factor in whether or not we succeed. 

Please help us by contacting these legislators to voice your support - and then share this message with your friends and family, urging them to support this bill.

Let’s finish strong!