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Breakout Session at U2FP's Annual Symposium

Person in wheelchair sitting around a table with other people

U2FP's Annual Symposium offers a wonderful opportunity to listen to one another, and then share your experience and thoughts on SCI research strategies. This exchange is key to aligning our goals and priorities. 

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As we do every year, we hope to provoke some rich discussions around themes we believe are important to the community. We will host a breakout session Saturday afternoon on three main discussion points:

1. Risk/Benefit Discussion

  • What would you risk in receiving a procedure, treatment, surgery to regain functions lost to paralysis?
  • How do you assess and prioritize functional gains? Ie, bowel / bladder, hand, sexual function, movement, pain, etc.
  • Right To Try: do you know about the Right To Try? What is it? When is it appropriate? When not?
  • When is a therapy ready to try? When is it ‘good enough’?

2. SCI Community and Research Partnerships

  • What does being involved in research look like? How does it work?
  • We will have folks in the room who have experiences to share from the community side and the research side.
  • Listen to our recent podcast interview with Dr. Kim Anderson to get a little background on the importance of including lived experience in research.

3. Advocacy Opportunities

  • What can I do? There are roles for SCI folk, researchers, clinicians, and caregivers.
  • We will discuss some of the ways to get involved in a variety of advocacy efforts, both locally and nationally.
  • We will share stories, examples and some resources that will motivate you to become more involved.

Our symposium provides a unique opportunity to have meaningful conversations with all stakeholders interested in delivering curative/restorative treatments aimed at improving the quality of life for people living with paralysis.

But to have a voice, you need to show up and speak up.

Join us!

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