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ONWARD to Recovery (Episode 105)

Guest: Dave Marver

Today's episode is a conversation with Dave Marver, the CEO of the company, ONWARD Medical. No doubt you've heard of ONWARD. We discuss the recent news about their transcutaneous stimulation device - ARC-EX - and their effort to gain regulatory approval from the FDA, along with the results from their Uplift TRIAL. You'll find links to the trial and related articles below to help understand more about the device and trial. We also follow up with some discussion about the other products they have in the pipeline, including epidural stimulation and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices as well.

We want to note that Dave Marver will be attending our Symposium (September 27-28 in Atlanta, GA) and providing updates on the subjects we are discussing today. He'll also be participating in a lengthy discussion about ONWARD’s plans and current products, which should be exciting.

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Guest Bio

Dave Marver, MBA, is CEO of ONWARD Medical N.V. (Euronext: ONWD), which is developing breakthrough therapies for people with spinal cord injury. Dave spent almost 15 years with Medtronic in a variety of leadership positions around the world. Later, he served as CEO of Cardiac Science Corporation, a NASDAQ-listed company with 600 employees. He then founded and ran a high-profile sports technology start-up, raising $90M and developing three TIME Magazine Inventions of the Year. Dave has been an advisor to the World Bank’s International Finance Group and a member of the Health Industry Distributors Association Board of Directors and Duke University’s Health Sector Advisory Council. He has guest lectured at the graduate business schools for Duke University, University of Washington, and University of California at Los Angeles. Dave earned a BA from Duke University and an MBA from University of California at Los Angeles.

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