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The podcast feeding the movement to cure paralysis

Episode 58: Wisconsin Champion

Guests: Jimmy Anderson

Jimmy Anderson is a state representative in the Wisconsin general Assembly who also lives with an SCI. Jason and Matthew talk with Jimmy about his education, injury and how they led him into politics.

They also discuss the effort Jimmy is championing to create a $3 million Wisconsin SCI research program. This push for smart SCI research funding is modeled after similar legislation U2FP’s Cure Advocacy Network has helped pass in other states. Jimmy gives an update on the current status of this proposed funding, where the initiative is headed and how to support it so that it becomes the law.

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Bumper music: Dig a Hole by Freaque (SCI musician)

Guest Bios

Jimmy Anderson is serving his third term as the state representative for the 47th Assembly District in Wisconsin. As a legislator, he has focused on issues dealing with healthcare, the environment, and science and technology. In his free time, he enjoys reading, board games and going to the movies.

Jimmy Anderson
State Representative
47th Assembly District
9 North – Wisconsin Capitol