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Watch Megan Gill on Epidural Stimulation

Today, we have another new video uploaded and ready to view from Working 2 Walk 2018 in Vancouver this past fall.

You may remember Megan Gill, of the Mayo Clinic, as one of the authors on that Nature article that was picked up by several major media outlets back in September of last year. Megan was able to use her time at Working 2 Walk to deepen and further contextualize that paper's findings in her presentation, Spinal Cord Epidural Electrical Stimulation: An Update on Motor and Mobility Outcomes. Check it out - and don't forget to watch through to the end for the Question & Answer session with Working 2 Walk attendees.

Spinal Cord Epidural Electrical Stimulation: An Update on Motor and Mobility Outcomes

ABSTRACT: Epidural spinal cord stimulation has shown to be an effective tool for regulating locomotor behavior and can allow for regaining voluntary control of movements by paralyzed patients.  Recent literature continues to demonstrate intentional modulation of motor activation translating to functional mobility such as standing and stepping in individuals with severe, clinically complete diagnosed spinal cord injuries. Motor outcomes and movement patterns enabled by epidural electrical stimulation will be reviewed; additionally, potential existing rehabilitation strategies and/or technology available today to mitigate the barriers of translation will also be discussed.

As always, we'll continue to announce newly uploaded Working 2 Walk videos here in our newsletter, all of which will be featured on the Video Library page of our website, and available in our Vimeo album.