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The Tide is Turning in Wisconsin!

We just got some much-needed good news from Wisconsin! Governor Tony Evers has included $3M for SCI Research in his proposed budget for the next 2 years. You can read the relevant portion of his executive budget here (page 303, item 84).

Please send a message or call Governor Tony Evers to thank him!

Our Wisconsin CAN advocates introduced a bill there 2 years ago, authored by our legislative champion, Rep. Jimmy Anderson, who also has an SCI. So far, we’ve been hard-pressed to get a hearing and move our bill forward.

That’s why it’s so important to let Gov. Evers know we appreciate and support his efforts. Please call or email him today to say thank you!

As always, you do NOT have to live in Wisconsin. A show of support - wherever you live - matters immensely and can make a huge difference.

Governor Evers is also following the recommendations of our original bill by proposing the creation of an advisory board which would evaluate and award research grants.

Watch for updates from us about legislators to contact in the coming weeks, here in our newsletter (subscribe!) or by following us on social media (facebook, instagram, twitter).

Thanks for your raising your voice with us!

PS - Please continue to email and call (800-657-3717) Minnesota Governor Tim Walz - urging him to preserve the MN SCI/TBI Research Grant funding. You can even add: “Wisconsin's Governor is adding $3 million to their budget for SCI Research, you can't defund it now!”