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We've Got A Lot of Ground to Cover - And We Can't Do It Without You!

Help us pursue initiatives that prioritize finding cures for chronic paralysis after spinal cord injury.

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U2FP is a non-profit, 501c3 organization, and donations are deductible to the full extent of the law.
Our Tax ID # is 20-3528000.

Notable Donors

The donors listed below are taken from our most recent, audited annual report.

Honor/Memory Donations

Contributions to Unite 2 Fight Paralysis are often made in honor or memory of persons living with paralysis and their advocates. Our online donation page features an option for Honor/Memory recognition, or you may so indicate in a contribution by mail.


Jackie Acker
Bob Arter
Tom Becker
Brandon Bonaquist
Rebecca Baudains
Paul Bowers
Don Box
Jay Briseno
Wayne & Marilyn Brunk
Joel Buckingham
Patricia Burke
Mary Grace Castleberry
Nichole Cismoski
Susan Clarke
Ryan & Jodi Clausing
Drew Clayborn
Bianca Clinch
Joe Dailey
Denise DeCarolis
Mario DeMatteo
Ruby Dennis
David DesJardins
Kola deVries
Katie Dudek
Pat & Nor Duggan
Jen Signer Dwileski
Andrew Edwards
Mary Edwards
The Forberg Family
Jason Finn
Adam Finney

Chuck Foss
Dogger Fry
Sarah Fyock
Betheny Gaines
Frank Gaines
Sarah Galli
Alex Ghenis
Jon Grum
Leo Hallan
Bruce Hanson
Todd Harrington
Mildred Harris
Izaiah Hernandez
Drew Holzfeind
Marjorie Holzfeind
Jesse Honl
Butch Hoye
Johnny Hughes
Lindsay Huisman
The Ingersoll Family
Chiara Kahn
Isaac Kase
Kels & Thomas
Geoff Kent
Jen Killingsworth
Kelley Knight
Carole Lasser
William B. Leatherbee, Jr.
Nicole Leschinsky
Christine Mace

Kathryn Mahoney
Lupe Martinez
Anton Matesi
Susan Maus
Yvonne Micheaud
Karen Miner
Ben Mortenson
Nick Moscatiello
Jordan Neviackas
Danielle Newman-Biczak
Joanne Nora
Jon O’Connor
Megan O’Neil
Gabriel Olivas
Gregg Osborn
Andi Parhamovich
Aruna Parikh
Philip Patane
Timothy Patterson
Leah Patterson-Rust
Michael Penniman
Pat Pinkston
Alex Pitts
Melissa Pitts
Ann Plotino
Matthew Pool
Brandon Powell
Chris Powell
Dorothy Powell
Ruth Purves
Gabe Rodreick

Mathew Rodreick
Ethan Ruby
Erin Sargent
Hazel Satrom
David M. Schmid
Barb Schober
Logan Schweiter
Dr. Riyi Shi
Eddie Signer
John Smith
Marilyn Smith
Noah Smith
Temeka Strange
Bill Sullivan
Donna Sullivan
Jean Marie Sullivan
Matt Sullivan
Bobby Swanson
Ken & Linda Swanson
Ken Tamura
Nancy Tesoriero
Sandy Trout
Steve Trout
Treacy Weldon
Jenni White
Romel Whiteside
Chuck Wiercinski
Kate Willette
Jacob Winkler
Steve Winkler
Ben & Michael Yee
David Zacks