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Working 2 Walk is this week!

Working 2 Walk starts this week (!) on Thursday, October 22nd and runs through Saturday, October 24th. Registration closes tomorrow night, so don't wait - register now!

Over the last couple months, we've been sending out summaries of the various stakeholder groups we'll be featuring at the Symposium. In case you missed any of them, here they are:

  • Pre-Clinical Research: broadly defined as research done in laboratory experiments and animal models
  • Clinical Research: research performed with humans
  • Industry: companies that are trying to bring a research discovery to a clinical product
  • Funder: agencies or foundations that fund research of all kinds
  • SCI Advocacy: SCI foundations/nonprofit organizations working to influence all the above stakeholders

These are the main groups working hard to discover, test, support and commercialize novel treatments for SCI. We’ve therefore broken up the conference agenda into 5 sessions with presentations from and panel discussions with each of these stakeholder groups.

You can check out all the distinguished speakers and their presentation topics on the Speakers & Agenda page of our website.

We’ve also added 6 conversations with artists from within the SCI Community to remind us of what we can and will do together. Read Kelsey Peterson's beautiful summary of our featured artists, and our thinking behind this thematic addition here.

Of course, the SCI Community is always our main focus during Working 2 Walk - and we've worked hard to provide plenty of opportunities for direct participation, including the ability to:

  • ask Real-Time Questions (via live chat) of all of our presenters during our live panel discussions
  • participate in Meet & Great video discussion rooms beginning an hour before the conference each day
  • participate in Open Forum video discussion rooms beginning immediately after each day's conference schedule has concluded
  • join two Stakeholder-Focused video discussion rooms if you want to discuss specific session issues with other attendees immediately after each day of the conference

We also wanted to insure our conference isn't just a glorified Zoom call. So we've been working with our long-time video partners, Event Technology Services, to build an engaging and interactive conference platform. The title image of this post gives you a sneak peak at the look and feel of our virtual platform.

Remember that we still have deep discounts available (75%!) for Individuals with an SCI, their families and caregivers. These discounts wouldn't be possible without the generous support of our sponsors listed below.

We're excited to see how this year's Virtual Symposium expands access and accelerates the conversation and action toward cures.

Join us!