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Here's to the New Year!

Jason Stoffer (pictured above), our Cure Advocacy Network Manager & Podcast co-host, believes in this movement. Jason raised $10,000 this summer for Team U2FP, riding 100 miles through the mountains of Montana.)


As we close out 2021 and get ready for 2022, I’m writing to ask you (for the last time, promise) to make a year-end donation to Unite 2 Fight Paralysis.

U2FP prides itself on being clear-eyed about the barriers (both scientific and emotional) that we face as we do the difficult work of advocating for cures. We know building a collaborative movement is hard, messy and painful. But we also believe the SCI Community knows a thing or two about how to leverage pain into power.

It's worth noting that our entire staff has invested not just their time, but also their funds into our movement - either as monthly donors, or Team U2FP fundraisers, or both!

Join our board of directors and invest in this movement to accelerate curative therapies. You'll be powering U2FP’s initiatives, such as our:

  • Cure Advocacy Network. We’ve added almost $20M to the cure effort in multiple states WHILE transforming the process so that the SCI community helps decide what research gets funded.
  • Education. Our CureCast podcast and newsletters keep you informed. Critical engagement with the science (like Sam Maddox's expert stem cell summary from yesterday) and emotional resonance of the lived experience (think Sixteen Years). 
  • Workgroups. Solving the problems of Translation, Neuromodulation and Activity Based Therapy through collaboration with top SCI Experts.

U2FP knows that we can’t do this work alone. We need you! Let’s start 2022 strong. Consider donating on this final day of 2021!


Join us!